Discussion- Ch13 – Coursework Example

Addressing privacy in E-commerce Addressing privacy issues on the Internet by E-business professionals is important and that despite consumers and government having a part to play, e-commerce professionals/businesses have a larger responsibility for keeping privacy of consumer data (Deasy, par. 1). There are certain benefits that a business gains from protecting the privacy of consumers including protecting its reputation, gaining the trust of the customers through augmenting consumer confidence in the business and increasing the volume of online transactions. Measures that a business can take in protecting privacy include development of understandable, clear, and accessible privacy policies, notice and choice for the consumers in terms of tracking, and control of access by third parties to customer’s data. Use of third parties of customer’s data should only be done after gaining permission from the customer. Informing the customer the value of data to a company and the use of the data is also another responsibility of the business in ensuring the privacy is maintained in e-commerce. Companies cannot follow the idea of buyer beware because of the legal requirements on their side for privacy compliance in online business including not sending unsolicited emails.
The security risks for not addressing privacy issues include the loss of trust and reputation affecting the business negatively in terms of sales and profitability. Unsolicited emails and spam may result in lawsuits that could cost the company at most €250,000 and a soiled reputation. The other risks of lawsuits could result from tracking, profiling, and third party disclosure of client information without consent according to privacy obligations.
Discussion Response
Jia Liang
I totally agree on the importance of trust in online shopping and that businesses have a responsibility for keeping customer information a secret to adhere to privacy needs. Jia states that it gets annoying for businesses to undertake certain measures for privacy maintenance, but I believe it is a small price to pay for safer online transaction and maintenance of customer privacy.
Edward Kelkis
Assurance of privacy issues, as stated by Kelkis, is important, and I am in total agreement both for social responsibility and an important facet of business success. Consumers have a right to opt out of being tracked by a business and have a right to take legal action for a business sending out unsolicited information.
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