Discussion Question – Coursework Example

Lecturer: Meaning and Reasoning of the US Constitution: Article 3 Article 3 of the US constitution consists of three sections. However, the article is all about the judicial power of the United States. In section 1, the article indicates the powers of the judicial system, the leadership and the expected behavior of the leader in this system. This means that there shall be courts that shall be administered by a superior court (supreme) and other junior courts. The reasoning here is that the courts shall have a collection of responsible citizens who shall lead them and will be remunerated a compensation for their services.
In section 2, the article enumerates about the powers of the courts of the US as related both to citizens and non-citizens living in the USA. It also offers protection to all parties subjected to US interests in other countries such as ambassadors and consuls. The handling of all these cases depends on the magnitude of the matter but the Supreme Court holds all the powers, apart from that of impeachment. Each state has the unilateral duty to handle cases on matters committed within their jurisdictions. This is high stake devolution of power to the respective sectors of the jurisdiction.
In section 3, treason is indicated as levying war against the US as a native. There is however a conceivable amount of procedures in convicting treason suspect. This has to be through the mandate of two witnesses or more. The meaning of all this is that the person convicted of treason must be proved beyond doubt to have taken part in the act. It develops due process of handling such suspects (Packet).
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