Diversity Among Individuals, As Well As Cultures, Provides A Challenge For Nurses When It Comes To – Coursework Example

Cultural Diversity and Health Promotion Cultural diversities and individual differences have been outstanding challenges to most of the health providers in promoting the education-based healthcare. In an ideal society, there exist individuals from different backgrounds and tribes. Furthermore, social classification and literacy levels create another rift in such a society. The health provider is charged with the responsibility of reaching this heterogeneous group and meeting the need of every single individual. For this matter, it would be of much help if the provider does a quick survey of the community and establish the levels of diversity. This can be done through the deployment of other co-workers such as the personnel from the social department to assist in collecting the necessary data. This very step should be followed when offering the education-based health care at personal levels. The nurse should start a dialogue with the patient right from the day of admission. First, the family of the patient must be involved to assist with vital information concerning the culture and preferences. This will allow the nurse to have easy time in evaluating the patient. Before a health provider initiates any mode of health education, the literacy level and learning preference of the patient must be predetermined through the evidence based practice. For example, if the patient is of visual preference, the nurse should consider using charts and videos in the teaching. Written materials must not be used if the patient is illiterate. Instead, aural learning style should be practiced. During learning sessions, the nurse must ensure that the culture and personal ethics are always respected. For instance, some videos may display nude human images that go against the ethics of the patient. In fact, the consent of the patient must be sought before taking any major step in the health education and promotion.
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