Economic Development Programs – Coursework Example

PLANNING PLANNING It would be productive in the economic sense for a local government to enhance and promote programs of development such as creating an enabling environment for small and medium enterprises. This could be done by giving loans and other incentives to interest groups such as the youths and women so as to encourage them to do business and have their income. Secondly, they local government could reduce the tax being levied on the small businesses as a booster to better their business environment (Levy, 2009). There are available techniques and modes or methods which could be used to encourage and enhance the growth of a community. For instance, urban planners could introduce social halls and other avenues which could earn revenue and income the community. For instance, if a community or the government would require the revenue and income it would then charge the people who would wish to use that hall for their recreational and social services. Secondly, it could also increase parking lots and spaces so as to encourage increase in the number of taxes and revenue being collected.
Sustainable development refers to the instance and process of meting or combining goals and objectives of enhancing the welfare of a people by use of natural resources. In principle, it touches on the ways and means of planning or organizing a state or city to make that city to depend and rely on itself (Juergensmeyer & Roberts, 2003). This would refer to the situation and instance of planning such that a city would use its natural endowments to sustain itself.
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