Education Field Work/Gameing As An Education Tool – Coursework Example

Gaming as an education tool Affiliation: Describe what you find exciting or challenging about the upcoming field test. Explain how this modules assigned reading clarified your ideas about field research. Post the questions that you have about the process of field research.
The field test is an exciting experience as it will provide a chance to learn outside of the desk and chairs we are used to in classrooms. This will not only break the monotony but will freshen up the mind and hence create a better chance of learning and applying all that is learnt in classroom in the field (Dipietro, Ferdig, Boyer & Black, 2007). The most challenging issue with the field test is the fact that there will be less available materials and resources to be used for reference unlike in classrooms. This will require digging deeper into the theoretical knowledge hoping memory will not fail just when needed the most. However, not even that challenge can beat the excitement of a field test.
The readings assigned in the module explain in much more detail and make it vivid what is expected of one when it comes to field research. These includes the necessary preparations to make in terms of what to study and what to carry so as to be ready and not get stranded in the field. Some of the modules also explain the challenges to be expected in the field and how one can solve them or try and avoid them if possible (Farhangi, 2012). I have always thought field research was all fun but the modules have made me realize that it is upon oneself to make a long lasting experience from the field research whichever way they want. As long as one remembers the reason behind field research, one can have fun.
How is one supposed to verify the information got from the field research? How long is the field research expected to last and how can that time be reduced without compromising the quality of the data?
Dipietro, M., Ferdig, R. E., Boyer, J., & Black, E. W. (2007). Towards a framework for understanding electronic educational gaming. Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia, 16(3), pp. 225-248.
Farhangi, S. (2012). Reality is broken to be rebuilt: How a gamer’s mindset can show science educators new ways of contribution to science and the world? Culture Studies of Science Education, 7(4), pp. 1037-1044. doi: 10.1007/s11422-012-9426-y