Effective Communication – Coursework Example

Effective Communication Effective Communication Effective communication enhances team building and success of goals. Effective communication skills enhance sharing of ideas, building relations and good practices. Written communication is efficient due to its transparency and clarity compared to verbal communication that may cause misunderstandings. Emails are efficient and its best to send to mails all members instead of one person to avoid suspicions.
Google INC. is an example of successful team communication among employees. Google advocates for communication through technology because it can be stored and retrieved for future use. Similarly, the company does not approve of team hierarchies, instead, it asserts on the individual power to drive change within the team (Garvin 2013). Google advocates for team empowerment instead of micro management of a group. As a result, team members are responsible even in the absence of the team manager.
Google advocates for team leaders to be good listeners. Communication is a two-way channel and leaders ought to listen to the members because they may offer useful ideas to the group. Team leaders specify goals to be achieved and the role of each member in achieving the goal (Garvin, 2013). Google team leaders encourage dialogue with team members to share ideas, concerns and questions The open communication style of Google team leaders has enhanced sharing of useful and innovative ideas that have propelled the company to a higher level.
A team cannot be successful if the leader does not communicate effectively with the members. Poor communication encourages conflicts that derail the achievement of group goals. If I lead a team I will encourage open sharing of ideas and views, hence encourage free communication among my team members.
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