Email Response – Coursework Example

Email Response Affiliation Email response Dear sponsor With reference to the email regarding selection of the project, we have conducted an analysis and according to the review, we have done on the projects; we recommend that the project by the name Stargazer should be invested in. The reasons why this project should be initiated is because investment amounting to $450,000 has been done and it will be taken in the ROI computations and the breakeven point will be reached in one years and 6 months’ time. Additionally, the financial feasibility of this project is high because it is an innovative entity and the organization can include pricing strategy of skimming. Thereafter, the price can be adjusted to ensure that the product remains in the market and commands a high market share.
Phases of a project
In case there is project that is to be initiated, five phases should put into consideration. The first phase is the initiation phase, which entails the setting up the project by the respective organization to ensure its success. In this phase also, there is the activity of setting up groundwork to ascertain that the proceeding stages of the project are completed effectively. The second phase of a project is the planning phase in which the organization identifies the tasks that are expected of it to do before the project is adjourned(Peterson & Fabozzi, 2004). The third phase is the execution phase and it is at this phase that the organization is involved in the execution of the project. The fourth phase is the monitoring and the controlling phase and it at this phase where the organization adjusts the project in case there are issues with procedure that is being followed. The final phase is the closing phase in which the organization is involved in the completion of the project if the end goals are achieved(Peterson & Fabozzi, 2004).
Key deliverables
One of the key deliverables that will be considered during the project is the generation of higher level of cash flows over the project period. The organization will be in a position to recover any costs in case they occur without straining very much. The second deliverable is that of provision of high quality products to the customers of the organization. The organization should strive to ascertain that it avails products that satisfies the customers’ needs and drives him or her to purchase the product more often.
Peterson, P. P., & Fabozzi, F. J. (2004). Capital Budgeting: Theory and Practice. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons.