English Assignment – Coursework Example

Evaluation of the essay using ethos, logos and pathos Ethos: The credibility of the is lowly rated. According to the essay, there is no information that declares Radley Balko as a trusted source of information. Though the article was published in a leading daily, the article is full of his personal opinion on the issue raised. The article just presents a critique of the incident that led to the death of Mr. Stewart instead of giving readers the whole story and allowing them to form informed opinion.
Logos; The author has used a lot of self-declarations and fallacies in the article. In addition, the thesis of his writing is missing and hence it is difficult for the reader to recognize what the article is about. Ideas have been mixed up without drawing references from known sources.
Pathos: according to the article, the author sounds bitter with the incidents he writes about. In this case, he is trying to present a bad image of the police department. In this case, I feel manipulated to believe that there is a rot that is happening in the security forces.
It is correct when Radley Balko declares that the security forces have stepped up the war against drug abuse, terrorism and crime in general. Moreover, the forces have stopped targeting drug peddlers alone but also drug barons. However, the author exaggerates when he declares that law enforcers are uses unnecessary forces when dealing with wrongdoers. In this case, I opine that the fight against crime does not in any way threaten American liberties as the author suggests. Furthermore, it is hyperbole for the author to assert that innocent people, including bystanders, are often killed during raids to enforce warrants. The truth is that the police have always applied the law when carrying out searches and arrests.

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