Enlightement – Coursework Example

Enlightenment The culture of a nation depends to a large extent on the level of research, exploration, and technological advancement that the nation has undergone. Since the early modern period, technological advancement has brought a revolutionary change in the cultures all across the globe in general and in the West in particular. Some of the inventions made since the early modern period to date include clocks, telescope, microscope, submarine, gunpowder and artillery, printing press, cars, computers, and mobile phones (Sorkin, n.d.). One factor that is common between the early modern period and the contemporary age are continued discoveries, exploration, research, and inventions. Today, mobile phones are so common that almost every individual ranging from children to old people who can operate a mobile phone has one. A vast majority of the world’s population was unfamiliar with the mobile phones just five decades ago. Likewise, computers that have been integrated today in almost every field and at every level were nowhere to be seen till the late 20th century. Even today, as a result of continued research and exploration, more and more vaccines and treatment options are being introduced for diseases that were previously considered incurable. Five hundred years ago, the cultures were changing with the influence of technology. The invention of wheel, then steam engines, and then cars; with each invention, cultures progressed at a faster pace than before. Similarly, use of the mobile phones and social media has enhanced people’s productivity today as they can be in constant touch with each other.
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