Entrepreneuer – Coursework Example

Your full March 3, Mark Zuckerberg as an Entrepreneur The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is not even 25 yet. Still, he has been able to bring about a huge change in the world of social networking. His brand, Facebook, has become the central point of almost everybody’s social life. Zuckerberg has shown that age is not a prerequisite to excel in life and achieve something great that is beneficial for the whole world.
The world’s youngest self-made billionaire entrepreneur, Zuckerberg, was born in the suburbs of Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., where he studied and grew up. Along with his friend, he was able to catch the attention of Microsoft and AOL by creating a unique Winamp plug-in. He took admission in Harvard and created a photo-rating website called Face-Mash, where he collected students’ photos by hacking into their accounts and shared them. He was reprimanded for this act by the admin. He presented Facebook initially on February 2004, which caught the attention of his school friends. The site was heartily embraced by other schools and universities; and by August 2005, Zuckerberg had earned $12.7 million and was planning to expand the company which he had named as Facebook. The site was joined by millions of users after that, and today, there are hundreds of millions of active users of Facebook around the globe.
Zuckerberg has not only made a name in the tech world, but has also added value to his nation. His entrepreneurship has been remarkable, and U.S. is proud to have such a brilliant tech person who is capable of taking Facebook to new boundaries in years to come.