Equilibrium: Everything Changes – Coursework Example

Equilibrium: Everything Changes Through the temperature and equilibrium virtual lab, we are able to understand how changes in temperature can affecttwo linked systems. In this exercise we are allowed to observe two systems; the first container holds red molecules and the second one has blue molecules. The variables are temperature, mass, and the number of molecules. We also have the option to remove the barrier that separates the two systems for further observations.
First task is to observe how change in temperature can affect the movement of the molecules at 199 amu (maximum mass). The red molecules at 1K moved very slowly compared to the blue molecules at 273K. So at higher temperatures, molecules are in an excited or agitated state where they move at a faster speed and have more frequent collisions.
Second task was to decrease the temperature in the chamber of blue molecules to 1K and increase the number of molecules to 99 for both containers. It was apparent that as the number of molecules increase, there is also an increase in competition for space thus increasing collision rate.
Third task was to reset the chambers, set the number of molecules to 99 at 1K temperature, increase the temperature to 999K, and then finally remove the barrier between them. At this very high temperature, the red and blue molecules are moving violently fast. By increasing the temperature, it would be faster for the red and blue molecules to mix and reach equilibrium or homogeneity.
So if I pour honey over a 200 degree Fahrenheit tea, the honey would definitely mix faster than in the case of a 45 degree Fahrenheit tea which is practically a cold tea. The molecules of the hotter tea moves faster than the cold one, thus the former will attain equilibrium first.
I can enjoy eating a container with stinky Limburger cheese in an empty outdoor parking lot longer during a winter even with some group of shoppers 50 feet away. This is because temperature is lower during winter compared to summer. And from my observations in the virtual lab exercise, molecules diffuse faster at a higher temperature. So in this case, I will be able to eat any smelly snack for a longer period without people at some distance.
In this exercise, I have learned the effect of temperature to equilibrium of mixing. Increasing the temperature increases the speed of mixing thus achieving equilibrium faster.
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