Essay – Coursework Example

PROJECT PREPARATION I am planning to present an analysis of a prose narrative which we have not analyzed in The analysiswill focus on the traits of the various characters involved in the play as well how those traits assist in achieving the overall theme of the narrative. Another step will lay emphasis on the various literary devices used by the author in order to make the story easy to understand by the reader and also to make it make it more applicable in our context. Such include diction which defines the type of words used; language which elaborates on the type of words used which, sentence structure aimed at defining the length and formation of the sentences and motifs in the story. Another point of analysis is based on narrative techniques which will aim at outlining the plot, setting, styles, point of view and the structure of the narrative (Bennett, 2009).
The presentation will be in the form power point presentation mode which will be projected on the large white board in the classroom. My initial view of the project is that is going to be a very interesting experience owing to the fact that class attendance has enabled me to gain adequate knowledge in the field of literature. The assignment is going to require adequate time for preparation so as to provide quality work as well as achieving the goal of the class lessons. Some of the problems that I expect to encounter along the way include lack of enough materials for proper analysis owing to the short duration that is given to gather all the relevant materials. I also expect time constraint challenge because I have to ensure proper balance among all my fields of study.
Bennett, A., & Royle, N. (2009). Introduction to literature, criticism and theory. New Delhi: Pearson Education.