Ethics – Coursework Example

Importance of Corporate Value ments in Ethical Decision-Making The exact definition of ethics or what is considered ethical is indeed not available. This is because there is no absolute rule to what is or what is not ethical. It varies with either the regions that an individual may be coming from or must have been brought up in. A less complex definition is the state of being fair to the fair minded people or individuals.
According to Oxford English Dictionary, it implies to characters relating to the moral principles or simply the branch of knowledge dealing with these issues. Morality simply means the philosophy concerning the peculiarity between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. On the other hand, values are the issues or factors that are deemed important to an individual or organization for this matter (Aswathappa 301). Values are essential to the vision and mission of the organization. Ethics and values are fundamental to any organization.
Dr. John Johns’ article named “The ethical dimensions of national security” clearly points out that the core values of an organization are as follows: Integrity, Professionalism, Caring, Team work and stewardship. These are supported by the three very important values. The three values are loyalty, self less service and honesty. Loyalty is indeed very important to an individual since it can be used to gauge between different individuals performing similar tasks in order to come up with a best serving worker. When loyalty is superimposed with the factor or value of honesty then the issue of integrity which is a core value to an organization is really solved and catered for (Aswathappa 456).
Self less service will automatically help in the structuring of the caring spirit and even also the team work attribute of the company or organization. Loyalty on its own can help build the spirit of stewardship. This is because a loyal individual will most definitely follow within the positive footsteps of his or her superior employer cum worker. When the three values are put together in an organized way or manner, then the whole organization will have developed the core values concerning the professionalism and the, caring spirit and stewardship element.
In order to crown up, it is important for the cheering leaders to hunt their own moral development. This is significant at higher levels since tactical leaders set the moral climate for the organization. The creation of a culture based on moral quality needs a vow among managers to exemplify and develop three qualities in their leadership. These are loyalty, honesty and self- service. Nevertheless, creating an organization characterized by moral quality is a prolonged process. It involves altering the organizational culture.
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