Evolution – Coursework Example

Evolutionary Theory Evolution is a process that is believed to have taken place to create the present more complex creatures from the original simple ones. Although there are proponents of evolution, critics have also emerged and cannot be ignored because of their facts. One of these critics argues that, the fossil record does not support evolution. Evolutionary theory, indicates a sudden emergency of new species instead of showing all connecting links from the simple forms to the present complex forms. The more one digs into this topic, the more they find the same old forms over and again, instead of discovering the intermediaries (Richard, 2010). This indicates the presence of gaps in the fossil records. Fossil records miss continuity to prove the validity of evolutionary theory. Another big problem about evolution is its incapability to explaining how life emerged from dead matter. It has promised for a long time to explain how evolution produced the first species from something that was not a species but until now, it has not succeeded.
On the other side of the evolution’s spectrum are its proponents who support fossil records as evidence of evolution theory. Charles Darwin is one of them who strongly believe that evolution must have taken place to result to the present complex forms. According to him, the homologous structures are enough evidence. Through natural selection, these functions evolved over time to result in the diversity that we have today. A good example is the process through which moths end up being butterflies. Also, it is argued that human beings evolved from apes and there are considerable facts in the fossil records that support this process. The human coccyx is a clear indication of the existence of a tail in the original human being species (Darwin, 2009). Evolution played its part over time and resulted to tailless forms of human beings. In the same case, there is evidence of simple species walking on fours and improved gradually in terms of stability to walk on twos. Therefore, fossil records cannot be ignored as evidence of evolution because they indicate gradual improvement in organisms from one stage to another.
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