Expert Systems And Intelligent Agents – Coursework Example

Expert Systems and Intelligent Agents Expert Systems and Intelligent Agents Expert Systems NASA and HP are two companies that currently use expert systems. NASA has a Personnel Security Processing Expert System for personnel background analysis (Silberberg and Thomas, 1996). The personnel security processing staff uses the expert system to execute special checks founded on a specific position. Similarly, HP also uses an expert system known as Agatha. HP uses the expert system to test and diagnose HPs PA-RISe processor boards during the manufacturing process (Allred, Liechtenstein, Preist, Bennett, and Gupta, 1991).
One fundamental advantage of the expert system is that it develops the productivity of a person. It is valuable because it elevates a decision maker to the position of an expert, even if they only have basic human expertise (Silberberg and Thomas, 1996). For instance, for NASA, the agency personnel security specialist does not have to trouble-shoot and correct all analytical problems. Secondly, it saves company resources because it ensures compliance with applicable laws and avoids duplicative efforts.
A fundamental disadvantage of expert systems is that it may fail to deal with indefinite questions. Artificial intelligence comprises predetermined responses, and a problem that is not part of the expert system may present challenges. As well, it undermines the creativity of humans, as they have to rely on machines even for basic tasks.
Intelligent Agents
Shopping and Information Agents
Intelligent agents aid people in decision-making through intelligently summarizing multipart data, performing recurring tasks, and making suggestions. In shopping, they help online shoppers to locate their intended purchase in a timely manner after identification of their preferences. Even so, malicious hosts may post security threats in the system. They may modify query products, query quantities, or query results. To mitigate the risk in question, it is necessary to establish a public-key infrastructure into the shopping intelligent agent system. In addition, each host and agent in the system must have a pair of keys for encryption and decryption (Chan, Wong, Wong, and Lyu, 2000).
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