Explain The Value That Professional Nursing Organizations In Networking And In The Legislative – Coursework Example

The Value of the Professional Organizations in Nursing Professional Organizations have noticeably played a key role in enhancing and adding value to Nursing and Health Care at large. The organizations such as the American Nursing Association, American Association of Colleges of Nursing and, Student Nursing Association and Networking, have boldly come out in advocating for the rights of the nurses and networking these professionals.
The American Nursing Association (ANA), in particular, has been at the forefront in negotiating with the legislators about the needs of the American nurses and the public on quality care and various health care issues. ANA has sought more inclusion of nursing in the recent Patient Protection Act of 2010. It also fights for the extension of authority and the scope practice and, the addition of more manpower in nursing.
The advocacy by ANA is quiet relevant since there have been some stringent laws that bar the use of advanced technologies in nursing. Such laws should be abolished so that nurses can fully explore their areas of specialization and improve Health care.
Networking has been facilitated by the regular communication between the professional bodies and the members through newsletters, mails and phone calls. Through this networking, nurses have been kept up to date with current happenings in the nursing world. Nursing students have also been alerted on the available vacancies.
The organizational websites such as nursezone.com have been designed for easy navigation by the nurses in obtaining the self-services and any relevant information. Social media like Facebook and Tweeter have also been utilized by the organizations for a quick and effective outreach. Networking, therefore, has been very instrumental in adding more value to nursing through sharing of different unique ideas that have aided the improvement of Health Care.
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