Facilitate Change: Implementation Of Technology With Curriculum Or BYOT – Coursework Example

Facilitate Change: Implementation of Technology with Curriculum or BYOT Facilitate Change: Implementation of Technology with Curriculum or BYOT
Implementation of technology with curriculum and BYOT is a challenge that demands the intervention of various stakeholders. Relevant stakeholders include heads of departments and board of governors in instructional environments. BYOT is an initial that connotes the term “Bring Your Own Technology” (Rouse, 2011). Stakeholders determine whether to implement technology in the curriculum. The state plays a crucial role in determining the success the process, as well.
Implementation of technology with the curriculum enables students adapt to the modern world characterized with computerization. Failure to integrate technology into the curriculum will consequently pose a burden and challenge of handling large volumes of data to the school (SREB, 2014). In addition, technology in the school curriculum will give the learners opportunity to gain computer literacy by familiarizing with the computers. Therefore, students will acquire competency in the computerized society when faced with new technological challenges.
Incorporating technology into the curriculum shall add a magnanimous advantage to schools especially during this time when Dual enrolment in schools is underway (Education, 2014). Technology is not only a substantial link between classrooms and the learning institutions but also a connection between such institutions and other distant education stakeholders.
Besides it benefits stakeholders should avoid its negative impacts of integrating technology with curriculum on students’ behavior. Social media, for instance, may distract learners’ attention (Vries, 2011). Social media, besides consuming learners’ ample time, may contain certain unwanted data. Other sites also have pornographic contents as well as drug and substance abuse that have negative impacts on the students’ performance and behavior.
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