Forum 7 Read Graphic Novel And Answer Questions – Coursework Example

Western – Forum Post In the novel, the term “West” stands to indicate different things for different people. For the fundamentalists and the guardians of revolution, “West” is to be abhorred and hated. According to them, everything from the West, including people, ideologies, and dress, is to be abhorred. To illustrate, the guardians of revolution talk about “westernized trash” (Satrapi 108) with hatred and threaten Satrapi of dire consequences. Another viewpoint, as offered by the novelist, is that though the West played havoc with the internal affairs of the Islamic states by supporting the monarchs and suppressing democracy for want of oil, Jimmy Carter did not offer asylum to Shah when he was thrown out of his regime (Satrapi 43).
On the other hand, for the people who loved freedom and opposed the regime, the West stood to represent the epitome of individual liberty and freedom. It is evident from the fact that even children have the knowledge that it is necessary to escape the Islamic regime and live in the United States because “the United States is terrific” (Satrapi 63). In the same way, Satrapi shows an affinity towards Western dress and lifestyle as evident from the novel. She loves Michael Jackson and Nike (Satrapi 107). However, there are people like Satrapi’s father who know how they will be treated as lower class and made to do menial jobs. He says that if he manages to reach the United States, “I can become a taxi driver and you (his wife) a cleaning boy” (Satrapi 64). Thus, it is evident that the novel presents different viewpoints, which are contradictory to each other.