Functional And Security Testing – Coursework Example

Functional And Security Testing Functional And Security Testing The term security testing in the context of computer sciences is used to refer to the procedure of developing demo cases in which the security of a particular system or an application can be subverted (Myers et al. 2004). One of the major security concerns is associated with applications that are web based in nature and these applications face higher level of security threats. This is because a lot of private information of the customers is gathered through these applications and even transactions take place through these applications. In order to protect customer’s personal information and transactions security testing becomes quite essential before launching the application. Furthermore, security testing may even be utilized after the application is running in order to ensure that the application is secure from new threats.
The purpose of functional testing is to test how well a particular program is able to perform the different functions for which I was created. Functional testing is especially performed in order to develop various cases in which a program may fail to perform its functions. For example this form of testing may be conducted to check whether one specific program or software is able to meet the demands of different business (Desikan, 2006). The same software may be tested in insurance companies as well as manufacturing companies and new components may be added to ensure that the software operates in compliance with the form of business and their needs. Furthermore this form of testing may be even conducted during deployment and planning states. In planning stage it may be conducted to check whether the functions that the customer wanted are available and functioning or not. In deployment it may be tested to provide evidence to the customer that the software is made to their needs and further changes may be made to the software if the customer’s needs are not met.
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