General Statement – Coursework Example

Progression ment Presently, I have a Masters Degree in Biomolecular and Biomedical Sciences from the Glasgow Caledonian and through this Masters Degree; I was able to get a job a year ago as a teaching assistant at a medical applied college in Saudi Arabia.
While at my current employment I have noted that there is scarcity of professionals in the field in pathology in Saudi Arabia and in particular, cellular pathology while the demand is high. It is because of this fact that I developed a keen interest on studying cellular pathology and through my searches and inquires I was referred to University of Westminster where I was lucky to be granted an unconditional offer to undertake a Masters Degree in Cellular Pathology.
Previously, while undertaking my Masters Degree in Biomolecular and Biomedical Sciences we covered/ studied various topics that included cellular and systems pathology and therefore, I was not able to specialize in this particular area since we only covered a brief part of the subject. I have therefore, applied for a Masters Degree in Cellular Pathology in order to specialize in this area and expand on what I learnt in my first Masters Degree. Moreover, my first Masters Degree will complement this second degree since it also focused on mechanisms of disease development including cell and molecular biology.
In summary, my previous learning already equips me with the background knowledge of the entire course I will undertake at the University of Westminster and I believe through the specialization in cellular pathology I will be able to get a high paying job once I graduate.