Give Two Examples Of Previous Personal Experiences With Verbal Cultural Differences – Coursework Example

Give two examples of previous personal experiences with verbal cultural differences The two words that I have previous personal experiences across different cultures are “gringo” and “gabacho.”
In Spanish-based cultures, the word “gringo” is used to describe foreigners, particularly from the USA. I often hear this word on the street when I am surrounded by Mexicans. Although I am not American, I now live here and consider it to be my home. Once, my friend and I traveled to Spain. Because I could understand a little bit of Spanish, I always tried to listen in on conversations that took place around me. The word gringo in Spanish does not have any negative connotations to it. However, to English speaking people, this word is very offensive. I felt quite angry at hearing this word used to describe me and my friend.
Another word that my friend and I heard occasionally when we were in Spain was “gabacho.” I understood this word to be a description for white Americans. Although I am not white, my friend certainly was. I did not take offense at this word at all. It wasn’t until we sat down with a native Spanish speaker that he explained the origins of the word. It turns out that gabacho is used as a derogatory term for French people. It implies that someone is rude and ignorant of the local language. I was not too pleased at hearing this because my friend and I were definitely not guilty of this. In fact, we respected the Spanish culture very much and enjoyed our stay there.