Global Supply Chain Management And The Supply Manager – Coursework Example

Global Supply Chain Management and the Supply Manager Insert Insert The concept of supply chain management is the products that reaches the end user and represents the total effort of multiple organizations through a collective supply chain. Supply chain management is a cross-functional approach that combines managing the movement of unprocessed materials into an organization. This movement of goods is channeled towards the consumer who is the end user. As the management struggle to focus on basic competencies and looking forward to the flexibility, they minimize the ownership of the raw materials sources and distribution channels (Zhao, Huo, Sun & Zhao, 2013).
The importance of supply chain management is that management highly must rely on effective supply chains or network, to compete in the global market. Zao (2013) notes that globalization comes in third in supply chain management, and that can be characterized by the attention it gives to global techniques of supplier relationships and the expansion of supply chains over national borders and into other continents (Zhao, Huo, Sun & Zhao, 2013). For a successful supply chain management, a change from managing individual, functions, integrating activities, into key supply chain process has to play a part. To satisfy the customer demand, the marketing department has to communicate with several retailers and distributors (Zhao, Huo, Sun & Zhao, 2013).
Supply chain management involves the process of integration involving correlation between buyers and suppliers, joint product development, and common systems. In reference to today’s supply chain management it includes major growth of multinational corporation and strategic partnerships, global expansions, and sourcing and this is the core reason as to why supply chain management is the most critical business discipline around the globe today.
Zhao, L., Huo, B., Sun, L., & Zhao, X. (2013). The impact of supply chain risk on supply chain integration and company performance: a global investigation. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 18(2), 115-131. doi:10.1108/13598541311318773