GROUP MANAGEMENT – Coursework Example

Group Management Group Management Working in a group creates competitive environment, it boosts individual’s performance, esteem and efficiency of the business (Coplan, Hikino, & Lincoln, 2010). Distribution of the duties makes the task easier and completed in a short time period. By analyzing the case, it can be observed that the individual seems to be unhappy with the management and distribution of the responsibilities; therefore, he wants to break the group. In order to overcome this issue, the allocation of duties plays a significant role to ensure sustainability of the group. To deal the issue of breaking the group, it is essential that the individual should be clarified about the role and significance of work. It should be briefed that every individual cannot perform every duty equally; it is because everyone has his or her personal skills. In addition, it should be clarified that the working in the group divides the burden of work and allows individuals to work in an energetic and enthusiastic environment. It helps people to put in their full potential and essential skills to perform the task as working in a group enhances feelings, attitudes, and emotions (Coplan, Hikino, & Lincoln, 2010). In addition, an energetic leader should be assigned to the duty of making the structure of the organization comfortable for individuals, and to overcome personal barriers. It is important that the managers of the group should make sure that the duties are allocated justifiably than making it a bigger issue for one. The assistance of one or two members should be taken to overcome the conflicts prevailing in the mind of the individual. Moreover, appropriate briefing and counseling through providing rational justification can overcome the conflict.
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