Group Therapy – Coursework Example

Group Therapy The purpose of the group will be for the group members to discuss personal experiences with a view to finding out the best ways and strategies to combat school bullying. The leader will administer the group. Some of the administrative decisions made by the leader include the venue of discussion, the time and duration of meeting, time management directed at ensuring that each group member gets a fair chance to share his/her experiences, and getting minutes of meeting made so that everybody can refer to and remember the contents of discussion later. It will be a closed group wherein every member will be able to join the group after getting approval from the leader. The group will comprise a leader and the followers. The leader will also share his/her experiences. The only thing that will make the leader different from the rest of the group members will be his/her decision-making power. The group will run till the members have unanimously learned, rehearsed, and mastered the skills of combating or dealing will school bullying. For this, each member will be put in a fake situation of bullying and his/her performance will be judged by the rest of the group members. The group will comprise at least five members including the leader while there is no upper limit. One prerequisite for entering the group for the members will be to write a narrative essay sharing their experience of school bullying. The leader will approve the applicants after reading the essays and gaining mutual consent of the existing members. The rule of the group for the followers will be to obey the leader’s decisions or they will be expelled from the group.