Health Care Reform To Address Access – Coursework Example

Health Care Reform to Address Access to Health Care Total Number of Words: 350 To improve access to healthcareservices, the 2010 US federal health reform legislation seeks to improve people’s access to health insurance coverage particularly those who are close to retirement age and have pre-existing health conditions. Aside from making it illegal to impose a ‘lifetime benefit limit’ and yearly limits on USD benefits, this particular health reform made improvements in the provisions of Medicaid program (i.e. increase in the rebate of drug prescription, hospital eligibility, etc.) (American Hospital Association, 2010: 17). To ensure transparency, a web portal was purposely created to allow the general public to easily access information concerning their preferred comprehensive health insurance coverage options ( (American Hospital Association, 2010: 1-2).
The main goal of ‘ObamaCare’ is to deliver ‘affordable care’ to all Americans, improve the quality of health insurance, and to decrease healthcare spending throughout the United States (ObamaCare Facts, 2014). Basically, the 2010 US federal health reform legislation seems to be aligned with ObamaCare’s goal of making access to healthcare services more affordable to Americans. However, changes highlighted in this particular health legislation may not necessarily improve the quality of health insurance nor decrease healthcare spending throughout the United States in the long-run.
One of the main reasons why people would seek access to healthcare services is when they feel that something is wrong with their physical and/or mental wellness. Therefore, as a policy maker, I would highlight the need to promote health prevention rather than promoting the need to expand access to care. Given that each and every Americans would live a healthy lifestyle, there is a lesser chance wherein people would be needing access to care. Furtunately, the 2010 US federal health reform legislation features the need to invest on health prevention and wellness plan (American Hospital Association, 2010: 59).
It is possible to increase access while promoting quality and safety. Aside from improving access to health insurance coverage, the 2010 US federal health reform legislation highlighted the need to improve quality reporting, care coordination and disease management as well as case management as a way to avoid hospital readmissions (American Hospital Association, 2010: 3).
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