Health Policy Issue And Proposed Change - Same Bill – Coursework Example

Health Policy Issue and Proposed Change Health Policy Issue and Proposed Change There are a number of proposed changes in the records and audit in the existing policy. This paper submits a summarized description of the suggested changes in records and audits for the public health department as outlined in the act. The audit and records section of the act is basically geared towards maintaining transparency and accountability in the healthcare centers. The act required that records be accurately kept reflecting the registered nurse-to-patient ratio. The records required include: number of patients in each unit, name and hours of duty for nurses in each shift (US Congress, 2013). A copy of the notice on the hospital’s need for nurses in each shift should also be kept by the secretary. These records ought to be available with the secretary a representative of the registered nurses and the public domain as regulated by the freedom of information act section 552 and title 5.
Audits are required to be done by the secretary periodically to allow for the performance of the staffing arrangement. The staffing plan required herein must follow the requirement set by the secretary for a minimum direct care licensed nurses number per unit. The secretaries were required to establish the required number of nurses 18 months after the act is enacted and after a thorough study. Because of the need that was during the time of this review, the need for nurses in a hospital was to be established as soon as it practicable (US Congress, 2013). The application of the act after enactment was not to go past 2 years or any hospital though. Auditing will also help to ensure the accuracy of the records that have been kept so far. If the records are not audited, mistakes are bound to occur.
Reference List
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