History Homework – Coursework Example

American History The United s of America entered the World War I on April 6, 1917. Till this time they kept neutral position. However, one particular event changed the situation completely. It was the death of many American people on the board of the ship Lusitania. On the board of this ship there were many American women and children who were killed by German military forces. The accident that happened to Lusitania became the reason of negative attitude towards Germany and the cause of the United States’ entering World War I.
The strategy of the USA in the World War I was very interesting. The command revealed that many secret information transferred by telephone and telegraph is stolen by Germans. In order to resolve the problem with secrecy, the captain Horner recollected that the language of one of American Indians’ tribes is one of the most unknown in the world. Horner managed to find some Indians from this tribe and use their language for the negotiations. German command was at a loss. This idea was used again during World War II.
During World War I many American women took an active part in military actions. This fact allowed feminists to overcome one of the most important arguments about the men’s right to rule the state, because they took part in military actions. As a result many countries introduced rights to vote for women. In the USA many Western states provided women with the right to vote.