Home Health Nursing (client And Family Education Encounter) – Coursework Example

Home Health Nursing Practice Factors to Consider In a Home Health Care Plan Home health care is a very important health care that evry family should embrace. In accordance to this, it is also of equal importance for the home health nurse to effectively plan when she wants to educate a client and family members. The most important factor that should be considered is the quality of service which is consistent with health care policies. The quality of service should be provided in a timely manner to ensure that the client does not get bored and hence lose concentration. The home health nurse, should also ensure that at any particular time there are enough staff to provide assistance in case needed (Keith, 2012). Additionally, there is need to have all the emergency equipment which have been tested on a regular basis are in place. This is because an emergrncy can occur and therefore the nurse should be prepared.
The nurse should also ensure that she review all the dicuments including administrative data, personal and electronic records. This will assist in establishing the frequency by which policies have breached and the extent to which the care provided matches with the program. According to HackBarth (2013), evaluation of the quality of service being offered can be achieved by determining the extent to clients and family members are satisfied with the services they receive, the extent to which the program enhance the quality of service. In addition, how well the staff answers the questions asked by clients and family members about the condition of the client and the care service provided (Harris 2010).
In conclusion, the home health nurse has to ensure that all, the requirements which have been stated in the health care policy should be followed whenever she is planning the client and family encounter.
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