Homelessness – Coursework Example

Homelessness Introduction Homelessness is fundamental social problem in the United s. While the film alludes to homelessness as a symptom of the social problem, the vice is a social problem since just as any other social problem it has many related effects. Homelessness lowers the quality of lives thereby enhancing the relapse of societies. Homeless people are vulnerable to various elements including weather and numerous other social problems such as rape, murder, and human trafficking among many others. The government must, therefore, strive to resolve the problem to improve the quality of life for thousands of Americans (McNamara, 2008). Appropriate use of public funds should embody cushioning humans from suffering. In doing this, the government must uphold accountability and ensure the success of the projects it undertakes.
Among the concerns I have about some of the policies that the video proposes is the large amount of money set to address the problem given the fact that the video recognizes homelessness as a social problem (Wright, 2009). According to the video, the government should invest in curbing such problems as unemployment, domestic violence, mental illnesses and poverty among others causes of homelessness. Instead, the policies encourage the use of billions of dollars in assisting homeless Americans. The policy I find most appropriate is one that encourages a multifaceted approach to the problem. The policy encourages the American Planning Association to collaborate with the National Alliance to End Homelessness, conference for mayors in the U.S, the Corporation for Supportive Housing, the National Law Center on Homelessness and the National Coalition for the Homeless in encouraging the involvement of the state, federal and local agencies to end the problem (Baumohl, 1996).
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