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30 April Whether or Not the Era was Defeated The Equal Rights Amendment was a movement made by economic conservatives and religious and social religious conservatives. Women were the largest threat, looking for equality of rights in the 1970s. It was something that was to be added to the Constitution that women were just as equal as men. There were many founding organizations that were activists for both sides of the Equal Rights Amendment. Many religious people of all different sectors were organized as a pro-family group. The religious groups were looking at it from the perspective that it would force women into combat, allow for the right of abortion, allow for gay marriage and other rights that were not correct. There was a belief that the ERA would allow for a neutral society that would erase respect for the homemaker and wife role that women portrayed. However, all the ERA would have done is recognize that women had the same rights.
The media played a role where it showed both perspectives. While the media is supposed to be a media watchdog, it often takes sides with a more popular belief, depending on the area it is located. Newspaper coverage told just as much about the two different sides and their beliefs rather than looking at the issue straight on, exactly as it was written. People would not have been exposed to all of the bias surrounding the amendment had the media not told about it.
Realistically, today, yes, I do believe the ERA would pass. There are so many people on board for societal issues and changes and even the conservatives are becoming more liberal in their way of thinking. Not everything is based on the Biblical mindset anymore. Instead, it takes into account all aspects of what an amendment will do. Of course, the media would still impact it but it is more likely to be passed today with a more free-thinking society that sees that the amendment would not necessarily change everything. It simply just should be written down in the Constitution to acknowledge it.