How Does Research Support Jesuit Values – Coursework Example

How does research support Jesuit Values? How does research support Jesuit Values? The Jesuit values developed by the Catholic community have played a significant role in the display of admirable values in the community. The values are employed by individuals at different societal levels to assist individuals facing varied challenges in everyday lives. The Jesuit values consist of elements that guide individuals on the assistance to offer unfortunate people in the community. A middle-aged woman is homeless and has younger children who need care. The society has to come to their rescue since they lack basics of human survival.
In an attempt to assist the woman, the Good Samaritan would employ elements of the Jesuit value. Cura personalis is a Jesuit value that means care for the person. The value strives to care for the whole person. This means that whoever comes to the rescue of the woman will have to care for her and the children. The key goal of this value is to achieve intellectual, physical, psychological and the spiritual well-being of the person. This means that the individual would provide food, shelter, education and spiritual encouragement to the woman and children.
Magis is a Jesuit value meaning more. This value embodies the act of choosing the best in a given situation to serve the Lord. Magis is the value of striving for excellence. Hence, the Good Samaritan helping the woman and her children will seek to give them the best he can manage as a way of thanking the Lord. Men and women for and with others is a Jesuit value embracing the spirit of giving and providing service to the needy. This value also entails pursuing justice to the marginalized. The Samaritan in this case will strive to provide the basics of human survival to the woman and children and attempt to determine why the woman is homeless with children on her side as a means of helping her out of the misfortune. In summation, Jesuit values form a basis for helping the needy in the society and thanking the Lord for life and protection.
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