Human Computer Interaction – Coursework Example

HUMAN COMPUTER INTERACTION Here of Human Computer Interactions Disability of users remains a hindrance in the success of human compute interactions. Effective computer hardware and software is one that considers the needs of its users. Nonetheless, disabilities like Short sightedness present users in working with computer resources such as the World Wide Web. Short sightedness, which is having a clear view of nearer distant predisposes users to challenges when using web applications.
When using computers especially web applications, users with short sightedness experience difficulties in seeing the text used in writing web content. Web content with small font size or blurred images presents difficulty to people who are short sighted. Individuals with shortsightedness often struggle to view content and must sit as close to the computer screen as the end, this disability reduces the effectiveness of users who are shortsightedness.
There are several assistive technologies that allow shortsighted users to have few problems when viewing web content. There are some websites that use color filters as means of providing users with the ability to see web content (Diffily, 2006). This is an assistive technology that changes the color of the website by varying the contrast between the font color and that background color. Other technologies like screen readers allow people to access web content without reading them. This technology is implemented in software’s that have speech engines. An example of this technology is the Natural Voice produced by AT & T.
There are a number of websites, which can be rated on their ability to accommodate users with shortsightedness. The address opens a website that has little font and poor design, which makes viewing difficult. On the other hand, is considered to be one of the websites that has appropriate use of color and thus able to provide shortsighted users with no difficulty when viewing them.
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