Human Population – Coursework Example

Consequences of Accelerated Growth al Affiliation Introduction The exponential rate of world population growth will indeed throw different species coexistence into jeopardy and erode which in turn will put pressure on food, water and other available resources. Human beings given their powerful brain power of any living organism continue to burrow through the land transforming it to their interest will eventually ensure the depletion of food and resources.
Mathematically, food and resources have their limit, and coupled with the fact that human have the insatiable desire to spread their genes will ensure a point where the earth will be oversaturated with human inspired earth exploitation. The ecological damage that would be the result of mass population explosion would result in
Carrying Capacity
It is the belief within the academic world that in a few years, the earth is facing the real problem of overpopulation. With the current population of 7 billion persons occupying the earth, it might be correct to claim that the earth is increasingly reaching its carrying capacity. Carrying capacity is attained when there is the population which can be sustained within a given habitat has reached the ceiling (Cox & Moore, 2010). 
The carrying capacity of other animals used by man either for food or for their own comfort has also increased and the total populations of cattle, chicken, horses could be triple the human population. Further, increasing strong indications show that the intensity of environmental degradation needed to sustain the expanding population of human beings and their symbiots is leading to the declining carrying capacity. Human birth control is the ultimate weapon against competitive exclusion by human beings, so that in the long term, the number of deaths will exceed births.
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