Human Relations – Coursework Example

Human Relations Improving Conflict Resolution Skills From the test, I that my conflict resolution style is assertive. Having taken the test, thelessons learnt in dealing with conflicts demonstrate that there are always more than one alternative in dealing with a challenging case. Apparently, picking answers from the multiple options seems an easy task but at the critical decision making stage, one is always almost unaware of the best option to pick. From the mere presentation of the test, it is clear that a presenting challenge should be tackled from an informed perspective. Making several decision options available for every difficult conflict situation proves to be effective in managing the conflict (, n.d)).
One important lesson learnt is that time is crucial in making the best conflict resolution. For instance, if vacation and an emergency duty come in the way concurrently, weighing options would require a little time to figure out that unattended emergency will affect the company more than lack of personal rest. A little time will therefore assist resolve the conflict.
Alternatively, tolerance is depicted as a winning position in all cases of decision making regarding conflict resolution. If someone makes unattractive jokes on me, tolerance will give me a sober opportunity to take action. It is also clear that facing the conflict head-on without fear of the resulting predicament is better than to allow inefficiency crop out of the conflict. Being assertive will enable authority take its rightful meaning in a working environment, where everyone has a duty to act accordingly including reprimanding unwelcome behavior. It is better to wipe out a bad trend that could bring down efficiency in future, at the expense of facing negative sentiments from comrades.
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