Hypotheses – Coursework Example

A Hypothesis A hypothesis can be said to be a proposed ment that is made based on some limited proof for the occurrence of a particular set of events. It is usually placed as a beginning point on which further investigation arise derived from researchers’ speculation on the outcome of a research or experiment. The hypothesis generally explains about a relationship between variables, specifically testing a prediction concerning what a researcher expects to occur within the experiment or research study. Given that the purpose of the hypothesis is to foretell what a researcher anticipates to observe, then it does not have to be right, but it’s the objective of research to determine the correctness of the supposition by approving it or not.
In scientific method the hypothesis is formulated and tested and the evidence of statements proved with tests through data observation. Usually the hypothesis should not be very long and on average, a sentence or two should be fine.
A research question is that one that a researcher tries to answer when carrying out research on a particular topic. Research questions are usually very specific and can be turned in to a hypothesis by changing them in to a statement.
Based on the kind of data collected, two types of scientific methods can be applied. One is quantitative research which is based on collected facts and figures, the other is qualitative research based on collected opinions/ views and attitudes. Subsequently the method used depends on the type of data collected. The best method for the given statements would be qualitative research.
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