Immigration – Coursework Example

Immigration is a huge topic for discussion in many different countries. Almost every country in the world struggles with some type of immigration concern. In some situations immigrants can either be an asset or a liability to a country. America faces many different struggles in regards to immigration. For America, it is hard to keep immigrants out of the country and many feel immigrants should be able to come and go in America as they please.
Immigration for America can either be and asset or a liability it just depends on the factor. “Immigrants who are working illegally in the country are a liability since they are making money that the government is not able to tax” (Iravani 2011). Some immigrants that are working illegally are making money in America and saving the money. After so much money is saved they are then returning to their home country with UN taxed American money. This type of immigration issue is a problem for America’s economy. This is a problem because it takes from the American economy and puts into another countries economy.
Immigration could be an asset to America when handled properly and the immigrants are treated as citizens. Immigrants that are free to come into the country are coming to America in hopes of achieving their dreams. This means that they will work, pay taxes and contribute to the overall economic health of the country. “Since any type of improvement to the American economy is beneficial to all Americans, it can be beneficial to allow American borders to be opened up to a limited amount of immigrants” (Frank 2009). If everyone were free to come into the country as desired, there would be overcrowding.
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