Impact Of Nursing Theory Upon Healthcare Organization – Coursework Example

Application of a middle-range theory to Administrative Practice Arena Nursing is receptive to anyone who is burdened with helplessness. The primary role of nursing is to identify and satisfy the patient’s immediate wants (Basavanthappa, 2007). As a result, communication between the nurse and patient is significant (Fawcett & Desanto-Madeya, 2013). In some instances, communication between the patient and nurse may be an issue where nurses do not respond effectively to questions asked by patients. However, Orlando’s Deliberative Nursing Process theory has been used to solve this issue. This theory centres on basic nursing and the primary aspects of nursing and the idea of an individual as a progressive human being with desires (McEwen & Wills, 2014). Essentially, human beings have discernments and dogmas that may or may not be physically visible. Orlando’s theory is based on the interpersonal associations between the patient and the nurse and offers a firm foundation for communication within the relationship (Masters, 2014).
In a health care setting, nurse leaders have the responsibility of guiding the nurses on how their functions interrelate with patients and their relatives in order to guarantee positive outcomes. Through using Orlando’s theory of deliberative nursing process, the nurse leader can assist in creating a dynamic patient-nurse relationship that offers a nursing viewpoint that centres on human self-esteem and quality of life from the viewpoints of the patients and their relatives (Masters, 2014). McEwen and Wills (2014) acknowledge that this theory allows the nurse leader to portray to nurses the significance of permitting decision making among patients and their relatives and supporting such decisions with respect.
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