In The News Week 6 – Coursework Example

Biology work In five sentences, summarize the article The article addresses an important medical issueof pancreatic cancer patients. Pancreatic Cancer remains to be one of the most common diseases in developed and developing countries, whose treatment remains a nightmare. Day and night, scientists stare at microscopes with the hope of finding permanent relief for cancer patients. All forms of strategies are being used including experiments on animals with the hope that one day; pancreatic cancer will be well managed and not be among the leading causes of death.
2. What is cisplatin?
Cisplatin is an anti-drug delivery drug that minimizes on the growth of cancer cells. The drug is administered through the skin and is considered to be a better alternative to treating pancreatic cancer compared to other chemo procedures.
3. What patients are thought to benefit most from this new treatment form?
The new treatment form focuses on patients with pancreatic cancer. This form of cancer is sophisticated in a way that most of the available treatment procedures lead to its multiplication rather than decrease. Many chemotherapy procedures have side effects that are likely to complicate the situation of patients with pancreatic cancer, hence prompting scientists to come up with newer procedures.
4. Discuss one other chemotherapeutic, besides cisplatin, that is discussed in this article.
Other strategies that are used to deliver chemotherapy to cancer patients as discussed in the article are oral means, the use of local procedures for biodegradable polymers and by use of an electric field to drive the drugs into the eyes and the tumor.
5. What is one question/concern that came to mind after reading this article?
After reading the article, I was concerned about the status of the animals that were used to carry out the experiments. Even though the article mentions how successful the procedures worked when used in animals, there are questions on whether the animals survived the experiment. There is also a big difference between the animals that were used for the experiments, which makes them be less trusted, especially where humans are concerned.
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