Individual Write-up – Coursework Example

Write up Social relationships and motivation in middle school is a topic interests me due to the social judgment and interpersonal relationships that are involved. The topic describes early adolescence as a time of transition and change, which reflect a growing emotional and psychological independence from parents and corresponding dependence on peers. Peer relationships establish and maintain positive perceptions of individuals. The topic discusses a wide variety of interpersonal relationships, which makes it of interest to me.
There are a lot to be learned from the topic. For example, from the research topic, people can learn that peer support is a positive predictor of pursuit of pre-social goal, parent support is a positive predictor of goal orientations and school-related interest, and that teacher support positively predicts both types of social responsibility and interest goal pursuit. However, what I have learned from the research topic that I did not know is that perceived support from peers and parents are indirectly related to interest in school by means of negative relations with emotional distress.
The additional question on the topic that came up was on the classroom motivation’s social origin in early adolescence. The research question is “what is the social origin of classroom motivation in early adolescence?” the positive hypothesis is that the social origin of classroom motivation in early adolescence is parent and peer relationships.
The multiple-choice question: what are the reasons why students behave in school as they do? A) Parents and peers B) Goals and interest C) Teachers and school rules.
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