Inquiry-based Learning – Coursework Example

Inquiry-Based Learning Inquiry Based Learning as a I have used inquiry based learning on several occasions as a This learning technique was used as an approach to generate new ways of thinking. Inquiry based learning involved tackling real world issues, questions and controversies, solving problems and developing solutions, developing research methods and communication skills, and collaborating with teachers and peers. Most importantly, inquiry based learning was used as a platform for participating in the improvement of knowledge and ideas (Quillen, 2013). I used inquiry based learning as a problem based approach. In addition, inquiry based focused on project based and design based learning approaches. As a project based learning method, learning was based on structured case studies and problems. Project based learning helped in the creation of presentations and projects. Design based learning facilitated learning using designed solutions to complex problems.
The Place of Inquiry Based Learning and Digital Primary Sources in My Classroom
Inquiry based learning and digital primary sources have important places in my classroom because they are innovative and they provide new ways of learning and teaching. Inquiry based learning is important to my classroom because it drives education and teaching based on student’s inquiry or ability to question rather than the instructions offered in a lesson. It helps students overcome uncertainty and hesitation during the process of acquiring self-belief (Quillen, 2013). Primary digital sources are also important in my classroom because they are accessible and diverse. The incorporation of these sources in the classroom increases the amount of engaging content available to students. It informs teachers and students about the importance of primary sources and identification, evaluation and analysis of digital content.
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