Invention – Coursework Example

Invention Background Prompted by the high cost of living, entrepreneurship and urge to utilize spare times, many areengaging in various activities to raise extra income while studying. As such, there is a high demand for shops and stalls where they can put up their small businesses. Nevertheless, it is ahead of the reach of ordinary learner to afford a rental premises to start a shop. In this case, there is an pressing need of affordable spaces for conducting business.
A series of umbrella rental kiosks is an alternative that will fill the gap between high demand and affordability. These kiosks will be constructed by just fixing a sizeable umbrella on a table. In this case, the table will serve as the shelves while the umbrella will be the shelter. In this case, students who need to use the kiosks will have three paying modes: on daily bases, monthly or they can purchase the kiosk. The students need these kiosks owing to their affordability; some will go for as cheap as a dollar a day. Benefit to the students
The umbrella kiosk project will benefit the student in the following ways:
Student will be able to higher affordable business premises for their business.
The project will motivate many students to get into business as the stalls will be affordable.
The kiosks will be quite flexible as they can be moved from place to place depending on the customer availability.
And lastly, the project will create jobs for the owners and to the students who will hire them
It is important to note that the kiosks will not face any stiff competition. The only competitors will be vendors who sell their wares on bicycles or wheelbarrows. However, umbrella kiosks will still have an upper hand as traders can still sell when it is too hot or chilly. In this case, the umbrella kiosk is a huge invention that will provide a cheaper alternative business premises.
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