IO Interdependence And Human Rights – Coursework Example

IO Interdependence and Human Rights Assignment Submitted to Faculty Program Department By Along with increasing number of new states in the world, there has been an explosion in IGOs and NGOs’ numbers. These IGOs and NGOs link humans throughout international borders through different means by religion, personal interests, occupation as well as issue activism. Organizations’ proliferation has contributed greatly to international system complexity. The human rights international law involves key regional as well as international treaties, organizations and institutions. Most countries have come to be signatories to key global legal instruments that could have claimed comprise a global ‘regime’ for protection as well as promotion of the rights of humans.1
The IGOs and NGOs quantitative growth constitutes change qualitatively within the governance as well as human rights protection and promotion globally. This is due to the networks formed by their growth resulting to fewer global problems. Non state actor’s proliferation has seen to it that there exist more potentially powerful human rights promoters. The propagation of non-state actors has brought about global partnerships between public and private bodies on matters to protect human rights. Examples include interactions among IGOs, non-state actors and states.2
The regional European context has developed a more effective human rights protection compared to the global level due to the fact that it suffered considerable devastation from the World War II effects. As early as immediately after the war, leaders all over the region created organizations in order to bring about piece as well as cooperation among each other. Examples of such organizations include; European Union, the Council of Europe, Cooperation in Europe and the Organization for Security. These institutions were established following the WW II and the aim was to prevent further destruction hence the reason as to why compared to the rest of the world, Europe has developed a lot in protection of human rights. The organizations have survived up to this day.3
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