Issues Facing The International Community Keeping Up With Asia – Coursework Example

Issues Facing the International Community "Keeping Up With Asia" This thesis intends to critically review the article d, “Keeping up with Asia”.Accordingly, the thesis evaluates the importance of the article and the rationale for its selection in this study.
The article, “Keeping up with Asia” highlights some of the most debated global political issues relevant to the balance of power in the United States (US). It discusses those strategies through which, the US has been able to cope and move along with the Asian countries over the years, following a republic political structure. All these aforementioned factors present the issue as an important topic to be deliberated. The article provided an elaborative understanding of the relation currently persisting amid the US and other countries such as China and Japan. While at one point, the arguments in the article may seem vouching in agreement with the American political standpoint, but on the other hand, a critical evaluation of the article reveals concerns for the US, losing its power in Asia, principally because of its ineffective policies and ignorance of the major issues in this part of the world. The article highlighted the issues relevant to the stand of the US’ political domain towards democracy, which also holds relevance with the present day society, where I belong to (Funabashi 110-113).
The article can be assumed to be a peer reviewed work owing to the aspect that it deals with highly sensitive global issues, published in a reputed database of Foreign Affairs that only permit articles by professionals and experts in the field. Hence, the claim made by the article may be considered as noteworthy, which argues that Asian countries appreciate the republican structure rather than the democratic structure, when related to the policies of the US. The author also justified this argument by illustrating the improving relationship of the US with China and Japan, owing to their republican policies. To be noted in this regard, the article followed the Toulmin method while presenting issues such as data, claim as well as argument, which also proves that it can be considered as a peer-reviewed one.
Work Cited
Funabashi, Yoichi. "Keeping Up With Asia." Foreign Affairs 87.5 (2008): 110-125. Print.