It Is Up To You – Coursework Example

Cinematograpy as used in “Sin Cinematography is a filming technique that has powerful influence on the viewers, through its way of making the scenes to life. “Sin City” is good example in which Director Robert Rodrigues uses cinematography to bring a comic book, by Frank Miller, to life. The use of foreground props shots in addition to the real actors makes the film a masterpiece of cinematography. A look at the first scene of the film “ The Customer is Always Right”, taking approximately 60 seconds, is enough to explain the influence of cinematography.
In this scene, the director opens it with a long shot, which shows the customer wearing a red dress and looking over the basin city. The long shot gives the viewer more the specific details about the penthouse balcony and the Basin city where the customer is looking. Further, the salesman is introduced, whereby the director uses full shot, joining the customer in the balcony. The use of the full shot gives the viewer a vivid view of the characters in the scene and the relationship of the two is also depicted through the shot.
The director makes use of eye-level angle, when the salesman finally starts conversing with the customer. In which case, the angle puts the audience the on an equal platform with the characters in the movie, consequently allowing the latter to be involved in the conversation. Further, the director also makes use of tracking shots as the salesman heads towards the customer. This sideways camera movement allows the viewers to visualize the overall penthouse as the salesman walks towards the customer.