Jungs Theory – Coursework Example

Jungs Theory Jung provides a discussion that educates on the need of people to know themselves in the modern society. As such, individuals have to realize their purpose in society and not focus too much on logic and science. He argues that individuals have to appreciate unconscious realms and integrate their spirituality with social norms. Hence, individuation is a vital process for individuals that need to become whole.
From the video clip, the theory of unconscious was evident. As such, he considers psyche as a result from different, but essential systems in modern society (Carl, 2015). These are the personal unconscious and ego concepts. Hence, the emotions, memories and thoughts that an individual has contributes in determining the feelings of continuity and identity. The video clip also depicts the theory of libido. In this, an individual’s libido is not just sexuality, but an emergence of psychic energy from the inner part of a person. It is the psychic energy, which contributes in the motivation of a person to become a creative, intellectual and spiritual person in society.
The other theory that is evident in the video clip is the personality theory. In this theory, he illustrates how individuals become vital members of society by recognizing themselves. However, the society comprises of both introverts and extroverts. The difference of these two groups of individuals being their thinking abilities, intuition, sensation and feelings that people have with respect to different facets of social norms. Hence, the society has to accept individuals based on their personality traits.
Carl, J. (2015). Carl Gustav Jung Documentary Pt 1 of 2. Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vITcW-1vtUs