Justification/Recommendation Report – Coursework Example

MEMORANDUM May 8, Workplace Violence Significance of the Problem Currently, there are a number of acts of violence within various societies and organizations. The most notable example of brutality and harassment that employees experience is workplace violence. Most workplace violence ranges from physical abuse to verbal abuse by fellow employees or management in workstations (Dillon, 2012). This type of violence is majorly caused by poor anger and emotional management skills among employees. A number of employees suffer emotional torture and low self-esteem due to these types of violence.
Solutions to the Problem
Workplace violence has a number of efficient and appropriate solutions that the organizations can adopt. According to Dillon (2012), various leaders and managers should create a positive work culture in their organization. This type of culture unites employees and promotes teamwork spirit and unity; as a result, they respect and value each other thereby eliminating disrespectful conducts such as sexual abuse. Additionally, managers can also prevent workplace violence by treating their employees with utmost respect and appreciating their efforts. Such treatments ensure peaceful coexistence and unity among workers themselves and the management. Equally important, management must subject supervisors and human resource managers to relevant and appropriate training on the perfect recruitment policies. This ensures supervisors and managers have essential skills in hiring competent and performance oriented workers with excellent character traits. As a result, such employees produce high-quality work and do not harass or mistreat their fellow employees. Although training is necessary, it is a costly exercise to various firms.
Conclusion and Recommendations
Evidently, various types of workplace violence must be fiercely condemned in the workplace since they are detrimental to employees. The organization should adopt rigorous training practice for human resource management that equips them with rightful recruitment skills. Thus, it is the duty of the management to adopt the above recommendation to deal with this problem of sexual violence in the workplace.
Dillon, B, (2012). Workplace Violence: Impact, Causes, and Prevention.