Korean American-Q2A – Coursework Example

Korean Families in America Korean families in America place a strong emphasis on educational attainment among their children. They encourage their children to achieve high educational levels and pursue promising occupations. In this paper, I focus on how and why these families place a lot of emphasis on educational achievement.
This trend is probably a product of socioeconomic statuses of Korean Immigrants as well as the financial stability derived from their small businesses. Emphasis on educational achievement, entrepreneurship and professional careers is also an aspect of the Korean communities. Most of them are therefore in management and specialty jobs as well as business. They reject small business for being labor intensive and low in status. They also face challenges going up the corporate ladder and therefore believe educational qualification will assist them. Majority of them in employment are in careers like teaching, medicine, consultancy and banking as they prefer jobs that are reward well. Korean families are significantly concerned about social status and financial security hence will urge their children to take technical courses in those fields where subjective criteria are minimal. Also compared to whites they are twice as hardworking would natural encourage children to achieve high education.
In conclusion therefore, Korean families living in America have a strong emphasis for high educational attainment and lucrative careers. This is partly because of their culture of hard work and need for prestigious social status. There is also the aspect of being discriminated and facing obstacles while going up the corporate ladder therefore need for high educational qualification in order to secure prestigious jobs of choice.