Leadership Of Today's Healthcare Industry – Coursework Example

Leadership of Today’s Healthcare Industry Leadership of Today’s Healthcare Industry Over the past, leaders in the healthcare industry focused on re-engineering and restructuring their organizations for higher efficiency. They had a great challenge to cope with cutbacks in federal funding through attempts to minimize the impact of such cutbacks on healthcare quality. However, leadership in the healthcare industry has vastly transformed, and the challenges are different. The change is due to technological advancements as well as demographic changes (Rubino, Esparza, &Yolanda, 2013). Beyond the financial insight, today’s leadership in the healthcare industry demands skills, communications, and management of technological changes that are essential to ensure service delivery of exceptional quality. In essence, success in the current healthcare industry largely depends on transformational leadership skills.
The patient-centered practice model is a major development in the healthcare industry currently implemented by leaders (Small & Small, 2011). Chief executive officers (CEOs) have realigned the structure of healthcare organizations in response to transformations and reforms of leadership in the healthcare industry (Maccoby, 2013). There are diverse strategies deployed within the healthcare organizations. The key among them involves ensuring leadership that promotes patient care as a vital strategic goal in the delivery of quality services. A prime example is Cleveland Clinic Foundation, under the leadership of Delos M. Cosgrove as the CEO. At Cleveland Clinic, there is emphasis on the necessity to ensure satisfaction of patients as a key objective. The code is articulated in the organization’s guiding principle. The organization set the office of patient experience under the leadership of Adrienne Boissy and was first to set patient experience as a strategic goal in healthcare provision (Cleveland Clinic, 2014).
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