Leading Successful Teams – Coursework Example

Journalism and Mass Media al Affiliation May 15, The success of any group solely depends on the members. I have been part of a group that was formed to boost the members’ financial status. The group has seven members which is a preferred number for such a group. The leader of the group has played his part well ensuring there is group cohesion and communication flows well therefore eliminating cases of misunderstandings which leads to group failure. Commitment is key to the success of a group. The group leader as a role model to the group members is always committed to his task and urges members to follow the same. This has made us as the members to go out of our way to ensure that the group realizes its goals.
There are various things that have made him a good team leader. He does not give unsolicited advice. He lets the members propose what they want then gives his view. He is respectful treating all members equally with no impartiality. He does not act like a boss. In every meeting we hold, he gives one of the members the chance to be the facilitator therefore preventing a situation where he would look like a boss. However, he is too ambitious which is not preferred as a leader as the targets set may not be realistic.
To enhance my ability to lead teams, I would ensure that I am accommodative to each one’s opinions to increase my scope and knowledge. On top of that, dedication is important to allocate enough time and effort towards the success of the group. Members in a group are always keen on the way they are treated and will less likely cooperate if they are treated as minors. Therefore, they should be treated in a respectful manner and enhance group cohesion.