Learning Institutions – Coursework Example

Need for More Learning s Learning refers to a process of gaining new knowledge personally by reading books, observation and intuition or having m interactive sessions and classes with the instructor or the teacher. Learning is a continuous process that begins from conception and ends at death making the life process of an individual right from conception to be a learning process. For the society to realize its goals of imparting skills and relevant knowledge to its members, various learning institutions have been instituted to provide the members of the society with relevant knowledge in different age groups in life. In general there are pre -primary learning institutions that provide basic education to the young children. Primary institution handles the pupils of middle ages while the secondary institution handles the adolescent and teenagers in their middle age. Meanwhile, higher education is provided by the colleges and universities.
The main need of the learning institutions in the society is to close the gap that exists in the community in form of illiteracy. Most of the society members if fail to acquire basic knowledge at the primary levels end up being illiterate. The inability to read or write is a major obstacle to the developing societies. It facilitates the spread of poverty and continuous dependence on the others for support. The basic knowledge and skills equip one with skills to survive and adopt the environment in which they live. It also improves the reasoning ability and helps individual in making rational decisions in the society. Expanding the existing and creating more learning in the institutions will give all the community members equal chances to gain skills and knowledge useful in individual life and the community as a whole.